And So We Go Owling

We go to the woods, and we observe emerging trees.  A new forest grows up under our feet. 

Something about this brave little tree makes me so happy.  Hello!  I’m here! 

So far, Spring Break includes walking in the woods and across the meadows.  We hunt for antlers. 

Later, we go owling with the neighbors. I learn about owling from Jane Yolen’s book Owl Moon.  You go into the woods as the sun sets and the moon rises.

You bring your flashlights.  You stay very quiet, and you listen for the soft hooting of owls.

Owling Under the Moon © Live with Flair

When you hear them, you shine your light and try to find them in the night.

For a city girl who once wanted bustle and glitz, I can’t believe the truth of it:  I’m owling right now.   Walking in silence, holding a little hand in the cold, dark woods, I find a peace settling down in my heart.  It comes up from the forest floor and descends from the tallest trees.  It swoops down, calling out to us if we listen. 

Have you ever in your life gone owling?