“Do Everything, Even the Insignificant Things, in a Significant Way”

Early this morning, before the chatter and patter of little girls and the swish and push of backpacks and coats, I read this quote:

“Do everything, even the insignificant things, in a significant way.”  I’m reading an ancient little devotional by E. Stanley Jones, and his words hit me stronger than the aroma of the Dunkin’ Donuts coffee I have brewing behind my back as I write. 

As I ask God to show me how to do this–how to make each moment truly significant–I’m interrupted by the purrs and meows of hungry kitties.  I stoop down to feed them, and as they swirl about my feet like I’m within some tornado of fur, I pause and thank God for these furry friends.  I thank Him for One-Eyed Jack and all I’ve learned.  I thank him for the companionship these faithful cats provide as a refuge for little girls. 

It becomes a simple moment of worship right there by the cat food bowls. 

I turn back to my question, and I already know the answer. 

I infuse each moment with a thankful heart and invite the glory of God in.  I want to amplify each moment like that.  I want to fold laundry and worship.  I want to empty this dishwasher and encounter God’s glory.

I want those moments to be as powerful and symbolic as when I put my American flag out each day.  I stand on the porch as the sun rises, and I tell the girls how thankful we are to be citizens of a great nation.  I remember my friend Charity’s brother who died in Iraq.  I ask God to protect our soldiers and to help my family honor their sacrifice.  I make a ridiculous bugle call sound with my mouth as if I’m raising a flag (I really do this, and it’s completely ridiculous, but it’s how I sanctify the moment). 

I’m moving forward today into a thousand insignificant tasks that now have monumental meaning.  I’m sanctifying mundane moments. 

Living with flair means I do everything in a significant way.

Journal:  How can I empty my dishwasher in a significant way?