A Reward for Stillness

Before dinner, just as the water comes to a boil for our pasta, I head to the backyard and sit down. I prop my arms on my folded knees, zoom in my camera, and I wait: still and quiet.

If you know me, you know that still and quiet don’t go well with my style. I’m all frenzy and noise most of the day.

But not right now.

It’s because I know what’s coming; the reward for stillness will surely be delivered, shimmering green as a hummingbird’s wing, if I wait in stillness and silence.

Hummingbird Perching

Some gifts from God only come in that way.

These hummingbirds are teaching me so much about silence and stillness. I love watching them!


Baby Hummingbird Photos

Out by the blooming sunflower where our nectar feeder sits, we notice tiny hummingbirds at the feeder. Every once in a while, a much larger hummingbird will circle around the smaller ones. I think we are observing babies.

Baby Hummingbird

What a happy day to have seen them! We prayed God would bring them back so we could photograph them, and we quietly waited on the porch. Then, we snapped as many photos as we could, hoping to catch them in the frame. We did!

Baby Hummingbird

Enjoy these beautiful creatures.

Maybe the Mother Hummingbird?

They are so mysterious and rarely observed. 

Hummingbirds are so delightful. Have you witnessed something rarely observed in nature lately?