The Exploding Green Waffles and Why I’m Making Memories

I’m not crafty, imaginative, or even energetic when it comes to holidays.  I wish I were a mom who decorated better, thought of more exciting traditions, and planned memorable and delicious meals.

I’m not that kind of mom.

But when it comes to children, even the tiniest (and I mean tiniest) efforts don’t go unnoticed.  I learned that from my Halloween Boo Platter that became public school legend.

I stir the waffle mix and let my daughter add a few drops of green food coloring for St. Patrick’s day.  She can’t stop giggling.  I’m starting to worry, however, that this isn’t going to work.  

We pour way too much into the waffle maker. (See?  I can’t even get this right!) The children scream and run around the kitchen to alert me to the explosion.  

Then I realize something:  I guarantee that this time next year, my daughters will remember the exploding waffle maker that oozed green slime.  Can it be that my mistakes make this a beautiful memory?  

Eventually, the waffles are ready.  But I’ve made green waffles that don’t really look that green.  Plus, they exploded out of the machine.  

We are celebrating St. Patrick’s day with almost green waffles.

It doesn’t matter that they aren’t even that green.

It doesn’t matter that they aren’t even that well-shaped.

What my daughters really care about–what really makes this memory–is the exploding waffle maker.

And that was the easy part.  I didn’t even have to try for that one.   

Journal:  What tiny embellishments (or failures!) can make a lasting memory?