Good Choice!

While out to lunch with a friend, I order nachos (boring, I know).  The waiter responds with a huge smile and exclaims, “Good choice!”  When I add some guacamole, he cries, “You go, girl!”  When I order iced-tea, he sounds equally enthused about my excellent choices.  When my friend orders her sandwich, he compliments her on her fine taste:  “Good choice!” 

We find ourselves laughing and loving his enthusiasm about what great choices we’ve made. 

“I obviously don’t get enough affirmation,” I say to my friend.  “I think I need people telling me I’ve made good choices more often!” 

It feels so good just to have someone, even a complete stranger, affirm that I’ve made a good choice.

How simple to have someone affirm a choice!  I realize this:  As a wife, mother, friend, and teacher, I make what seems like a million choices a day. Nobody sees them; nobody affirms them.  What if they did?   I want to affirm today all those choices we make in any given hour and say, “Good choice!” 

I’m sure you’ve made many choices today.  Good choice!  I’m glad you chose that. 

Did you make a good choice today?