Scatter the Darkness

This morning, my youngest announces that enormous dark birds cover the front lawn.  That shroud of winged darkness descends to greedily feed, cracking open whatever fruit it finds. 

I’ve not even had my coffee yet, but she’s running outside to stomp her tiny foot in the middle of that flock. 

The birds scatter in terror. 

I remember our power against evil–that Defeated Foe–who falls to feed.  I stomp my foot against it, and it has no choice but to flee. 

I love that image of a flock of birds scattering at the stomp of a child’s foot.  Why is it so hard to remember that Satan is a defeated foe? 


Beautiful But Fatal

I’m relaxing in a neighbor’s backyard, and she leans my lounging chair back to make sure I’m comfortable.

Then she exclaims, “Look!  The delphinium!”

I turn to see the brightest blue flowers.  What beauty!  That blue shames even the sky. 

Later, I learn that this plant’s beauty comes with a caution:  it’s poisonous.  It can actually kill a person if eaten.

Dr. Alice Russell, in the Department of Horticultural Science at North Carolina State University, reports that this gorgeous plant will cause “burning of the lips and mouth, numbness of the throat, intense vomiting and diarrhea, muscular spasms, paralysis of the respiratory system, convulsions.” Her list concludes with a toxic warning:  Fatal.

All from a tiny blue buttercup.  I think about the nature of temptation.  It always seems tiny, harmless–beautiful even–that thing we want that’s outside the boundaries. 

Remember the delphinium.  It’s beautiful but fatal. 

Journal:  What’s tempting me right now that’s really only going to damage my mind, body, and spirit?