7 Lessons from the Elevator

I’m teaching my daughters elevator etiquette.

1.  When the doors open, stand aside to let others exit before you enter.   
2.  Allow those with heavy loads to enter first.   Assist them if they need help. 
3.  Once inside, offer to hold the door so others can enter, and then politely ask which floor they want.
4.  If a child is on the elevator, ask if he or she would like to push the button for the floor.  They will want to.  
5.  Give people space.
6.  Don’t make unnecessary noise or movement when inside out of respect to others.
7.  If a group travels together, offer to wait for the next elevator so that group can have room in the elevator.

Basically, defer to others.  Defer means to submit humbly to another person’s desires or needs.   I want our family to say, “I defer to you,” in as many situations as possible.

Living with flair means I remember my elevator etiquette.

Journal:  Good manners have a lot to do with deferring to others.  Which elevator rule did I forget?