When You Must Improvise

When fruit flies start swarming in the kitchen, I know it’s time to make peach cobbler.  So ripe they nearly burst in my hand, the peaches ooze and fragrance the whole counter top.  I peel and slice them, and then I toss in a few cups of fresh raspberries, garden ripe and falling off their stalks, just because.

The thing about cobbler is that you just kinda throw it all together.  Melt some butter; mix up some sugar, flour, and milk; slice up your fruit; sprinkle some cinnamon on top; bake for a bit–and there you go. 

I think about other woman in centuries past who made cobbler from their late summer harvest.  I feel connected to them when I pull out these old pioneer recipes.  They had to innovate, imagine, and improvise and thus:  cobbler.

Living with flair means you take what you have and build a beautiful cobbler.  Warm, sweet, and delicious–what a beautiful life!  Cobbler reminds me that the best often comes when we’re forced to improvise.

Journal:  Do you have a great cobbler recipe you can share?