Gone in One Day

The weeping cherry has bloomed! The children hide underneath and make a fort.  We’ll only have these blooms for ONE DAY.   The thunder storm will come, and by morning, the tree will be bare. 

My Weeping Cherry

But not yet.  The roar of a hundred buzzing bees greets you at my front door.  We stand there, risking the stings, just to hear it and gaze upon the blooms.

A neighbor comes to the door, says nothing, and merely points to the blossoms and puts his hand over his heart and closes his eyes.

You don’t need words.

Later, the storm does indeed strip the leaves.  We will have to wait one whole year to see them again. 

Stripped in the Storm

It was glorious for that one day, and now, I turn my attention to other blooms.  There’s a wild violet at my feet.  I see it differently–treasure it, cherish it–because my weeping cherry taught me it might be gone tomorrow. 

Wild Violets

Journal:  What would I treasure more if I knew it’d be gone tomorrow?



Cherry Blossom Buds

A weeping cherry tree sits outside my bedroom window.  This morning, my youngest daughter points out the bright pink buds.  Soon, we’ll have a whole explosion of pink fireworks upon this little tree. 

The blooms won’t last long.  The fleeting nature of cherry blossoms makes us that much more attentive to them.  We delight differently in a bloom like this.

We pay close attention.

It’s a reminder today that things change quickly, and I miss the beauty of so much by simply not paying attention.  

Why is it so hard to pay attention?  Why can I walk by a house for two years and just this morning notice the beautiful pattern in the roofing?   Lately, I’ve become aware of how much I’m missing.

I carry my camera everywhere now.  Just in case.  I’m training my eye to see, and I’m training my heart to pay attention to every gesture of God–every message and allegory–in this day.  Today, it’s a cherry blossom bud.  Pay attention, it cries out.  There’s something to notice today, and it might be gone tomorrow.

Journal:  How can I train myself to pay attention?