I Didn’t Even Know I Was Empty

The original title of this blog was, “In Praise of Big Breakfasts.” 

I married into a family of big breakfast eaters.  My mother-in-law, up before the sun, presents platters of bacon, fried eggs, toast, fresh coffee, and jam.  In this world of Southern Living, you wake up to kitchen aromas that beckon you from bed.  You gather at the breakfast table, you bow your head in prayer, and you eat

Early on in my marriage, I realized that most things, according to my sweet mother-in-law, (fatigue, headaches, bad moods, various ailments) might be traced back to one fatal flaw:  you didn’t eat breakfast

But I’m the type of girl who spills out the door with just coffee–too rushed and not hungry–to start my day.  Besides, who is ever hungry in the morning? 

I’m told I am hungry, but I just don’t know it yet. 

I begin to notice a trend amongst the happy, energetic, fit, and positive folks around me:

They eat breakfast. 

They eat big breakfasts.

So I try it.  Living with flair means you take cues from folks who live like you want to live.  For a whole year, I eat eggs and toast just to see what would happen.

By Golly!  It works.  This morning, I up the ante:  Greek yogurt, fruit, egg and toast.  I fill up. 

There’s something about breakfast.  Living with flair means you eat it.  Imagine the truth of it:  I am hungry even if I don’t feel like I am.  I wonder what else I need physically, emotionally, spiritually, socially, that doesn’t register yet. What am I missing? 

I finish my yogurt and move into the day.  I’ll filled, and I didn’t even know I was empty.  

What do you eat for breakfast?  Tell us about your big breakfast!