The Return of the “Boo Platter”

I arrive to the elementary school with a giant turtle, Cleopatra, a fairytale queen, and a cat in tow.  We merge with a Rubik’s Cube, a jellyfish, and a 1920’s flapper.  Today, children will parade around the school and enjoy a Halloween party in their classrooms.

Parents bring treats for these parties, and once again, I feel that old anxiety about baking and creativity.

But my daughter doesn’t want what the other mothers can bring.  She begs for the “Boo Platter.”  It’s the third year of making this platter, and still, she wants it.  The legend of the “Boo Platter” as my most memorable act continues.

I shape the letters and realize I can experiment.  Instead of vegetables, I peel exotic fruits.

I’m giggling as I make this silly old platter that doesn’t seem that special.  But for my daughter, this platter means so much.  Now, it’s tradition.

It’s a tradition that taught me perhaps the best principle of motherhood:  Be Yourself.  You’re the perfect mother for these children; God chose you and not somebody else. 

So I’ll keep writing.  I’ll keep making words for them because they cherish even this little Boo

Journal:  What’s something so unique to you as a parent or caregiver?