What a Day Like Today Needs

Soaked with rain and shivering in the 50 degree weather, I realize I’m under-dressed for this kind of day.  Autumn’s coming early.  I’m shivering and wondering where I’ve stored my mittens from last winter. It’s so wet and gloomy out here that I’m imagining my warm bed and a cup of hot cocoa.

Hot cocoa?  I haven’t thought about hot cocoa for months. 

But that’s exactly what this day needs. 

I stop by the grocery store and stock up on ingredients (and marshmallows) for after-school hot chocolate.  Who cares that it’s September?  I’m cold

Later, I’m cleaning afternoon dishes, and I start imagining steaming mashed potatoes with gravy.  This gloomy cold day needs something, and it keeps making suggestions.  I’m listening.

Living with flair means asking yourself what this day needs.  Maybe it’s just a cup of hot cocoa and mashed potatoes with dinner.

Journal:  What does this day need?