A Little About Me

Hi there! I’m Heather.

14e24-heather42I’m married to a hilarious and wise man named Ashley (a UNC grad who loves the Tar Heels), and I’m a mother to two vibrant girls. I graduated from the University of Virginia and then went on to finish my PhD in English Literature from the University of Michigan. I teach college writing—both Freshman Composition and Advanced Writing—at Penn State. I’m obsessed with vivid verbs like grapple, fritter, and effervesce. I also greatly admire the semicolon; it is the most beautiful and misunderstood punctuation mark. I love writing books, encouraging teachers, reflecting on spiritual principles in everyday life, petting my cats, walking with my neighbors, lighting candles, reading grammar books, watching movies and any television show with singing and dancing in it, entertaining, eating leftover Chinese food, and blogging. I also serve on the staff of Cru with Ashley (who serves as the Executive Director of Graduate Student Ministry). My favorite Psalm is Psalm 16, and my three favorite Bible verses are Galatians 2:20, Ephesians 2:6, and Deuteronomy 31:6. I’m slowly making my way through seminary classes in the summers. So far, I’ve finished Bible Study Methods, New Testament Survey, Doctrine Survey, Biblical Interpretation and Communication, God, Bible, Holy Spirit, and Old Testament.

Oh, yes—one quick story about the beginnings of my blog:

It all started in my kitchen.

I blame Michael Jackson and my neighbor.

I decided I needed to learn the moves to “Beat It.” I called my friend, and she came over to dance in my kitchen with me.

Just the day before, another friend told me I should blog. “You’re a writer; you should blog.”

The next morning, I decided I would start a blog. That day, 5 people read my blog.

I had finished a grammar book called, How to Write with Flair, and I had been wondering what it would look like to live with flair. Dancing in my kitchen felt like flair– even though I couldn’t have defined what flair was supposed to feel like–and I decided to write a little essay called “I Believe in Living with Flair.” That very afternoon, I submitted it to our local NPR contest, and the next day, NPR called to tell me I had won the contest and would be on the radio the next week.

A few months later, thousands of people had read the blog.

Along the way, I realized that the Flair Challenge was a choice to find happiness, beauty, and spirituality every single day. No matter how bored, how exhausted, how sick, how moody, how negative, how angry, how jealous, or how entitled I wanted to be, I could change that reality with a turn of the kaleidoscope. I could choose to see the day differently.  I could seek out that one morsel to make the day great.

And I would do it every single day.

So far, so good.

Thanks for stopping by!