Taking In What’s Provided

Today I realized how much exists right around me for true nourishment. It’s just not conventional nourishment. It’s not what I’m used to or what I think I even need. But I’m learning to receive from the Lord’s hand whatever He choses to offer me. This applies to everything from books to conversations, from the Bible to various activities allowed in a COVID-19 world. Sure, everything looks different in our lives, and nobody knows what the fall semester will look like, but we sit here and receive what comes each new day.

The garden has become so symbolic of this daily provision. Instead of a large meal of processed foods, I’ve learned to gather a handful of ground cherries. I’ve learned to steam a bowl of green beans. We’ve all learned to spread the pesto on pita and bake it with the oven-dried tomatoes. We eat the ripe cucumbers with hummus.

It’s a different way of living, but it’s what’s always been true of living with flair. It’s a way of saying, “This is what’s here. This is what’s offered.” And we receive it. We make meaning from it. And we delight in it.


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