You Stand There, Cheering

I’m learning to release my teen daughters more and more–to give them space–and let them figure out life on their own. It’s just like when we taught them to ride those bikes without training wheels: you run beside them for a while as they pedal (while you’re holding the seat steady with your hand), and then you let go so they can ride on their own.

Your role now?

You stand there, cheering.

You stand there, calling out a warning about an obstacle ahead or a danger coming. You stand there, ready with band-aids or knowledge to fix a chain or pump a tire.

But mostly, you stand there, cheering.


As they ride, you don’t tell them how you would do it or that you’d wish they’d ride faster. You don’t tell them to pedal more productively or to stop relaxing as they enjoy the scenery of the ride. You just let them ride.


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