Updating the Teen Bedroom

Beginning to transform little girl bedrooms into teen bedrooms over the past years has blessed our daughters. It’s a fun way for them to connect with us, and the ideas don’t require lots of money. At this point, they lead the way with color choices and ideas, and we become the labor (well, it’s mostly my husband).

For one of the updated bedroom ideas put forth by my oldest daughter, Ash used whiteboard paint to create an enormous whiteboard that combines with a cork board for notes and photos. He framed the borders and made a ledge for all her dry erase markers. She claims she needs the whiteboard for all her complex math problems! (I, of course, picture Sheldon Cooper from the Big Bang Theory, working on all his equations).

My younger daughter who will turn 13 soon wished to paint her bedroom a peach color, and Ash will transform the closet space that’s full of old toys into a recessed desk with shelving. We box up most of the stuffed animals and toys from younger days, and we trade them out for craft supplies, books, and study tools.

Years ago, I read how important personal space is for teens. Helping them design a fresh bedroom space as they transitioned to the teenage years functioned as a rite of passage. It does take time and a willingness to endure some chaos of painting and small-scale construction, but helping teens have a space all their own–no matter how humble or small–matters.


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