Small Hospitality

Today, two friends arrive for afternoon tea and fruit.

That’s it: tea and orange slices.

I remember how, years ago–back in the days of toddlers, sleep-deprivation, and tighter budgets– hospitality meant I popped popcorn and filled a pitcher of ice water for friends who sat and talked with me as I folded laundry and apologized for the state of the home.

I always worried that small hospitality wasn’t enough.

I used to believe that hospitality only meant a lavish spread. After all, the Italian Mamas trained me well for those times I want to truly bless others with a feast prepared in love.

But then there’s small hospitality. A teacup. An orange slice. A candle lit. A listening ear. The guests themselves provide the decorations of laughter and good cheer. We feast instead on stories and prayer requests and sharing deeply from the heart.

Our capacity for only small hospitality shouldn’t prevent our gathering together. Sometimes, those small, singular items of refreshment bless as much as the feast. If you stock up on herbal teas and always have some oranges or apples on hand, you have enough for a wonderful afternoon.


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