What You Need God to Reset

Last night, I ventured out in the cold with my husband to stand in line for Winter Jam seats alongside thousands of teens with their youth groups. My own daughters found their friends and joked with their youth pastor who, of course, arranged for hot pizza to arrive for all the teens as they waited in line.

I felt so thankful for youth pastors everywhere who camp out in cold weather to secure places in line for teenagers to attend Christian concerts, who bring pizza wherever they go, and who offer laughter, acceptance, and insight just when teens need it most. The exhausting world of youth ministry and the relentless energy and generosity of youth pastors continues to earn my deepest respect and gratitude, especially as I raise teen girls.

I sat behind the youth group and inserted ear plugs like the other older folks. I sang along to all the bands and listened to the speaker as I tried to inhabit the mindset of a teen hearing all of this. It rang true in my heart as I heard the speaker ask teens to stand if they needed God to provide a “reset” in their lives and if they needed to get rid of all the baggage they carry around as they try to walk with Jesus.

My husband and I had prayed that this would be a special night between God and our daughters, and it suddenly was.

I watched my daughters responding and worshiping God, but I didn’t feel like an outsider. I felt fully engaged as I asked God to reset my own heart and life. I thought of all the areas needing a reset. And I knew God would do it; He would accomplish a reset each new day of my life if I asked Him. He resets everything.

We drove home in the dark, cold night as we marveled over all we heard and experienced.




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