A Different Moment

I’ve been talking to my older daughter about how to worship God in any situation. We talk about marveling over something that brings you to a place of awe over God’s design. We talk about actively looking for God’s provision at all times because it’s His nature to provide; He’s forever providing and sustaining. We finally talk about having an eternal perspective by looking around to see who He has brought to us. How can we act as an agent of blessing or proclamation right there?

It’s a powerful way to train the mind Godward, and it helps us think about everything differently. A physical therapy appointment (once seen as drudgery, disappointment, inconvenient, costly, and uncomfortable) now becomes fertile ground. We talk about the wonder of the human muscle system and the muscle coordination to even walk at all. What a marvelous design! Who did this? We talk about God’s provision of a most exceptional doctor. We talk about how to bless the people around her and talk about the hope she has in Christ.

It’s a different moment. It’s a different way of seeing. It’s changes us both.


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