Praying to Delight in God’s Will and Commands

This morning, I think more about delighting in God’s will for my life and in His commands. So many times, I don’t particularly delight in obeying or in doing things that I know God has called me to do. Too often, I consider the cost, the inconvenience, and the burdens of new tasks. But what if these things truly became a delight? I pray this for my family and for you reading. I pray that knowing God, obeying Him, and bearing the fruit He ordains for your life will overwhelm you with delight.

Psalm 112:1 shows us the blessed man who “finds great delight in [the Lord’s] commands.” And the prayer of the priest in Psalm 119: 35 is this: “Direct me in the path of your commands, for there I find delight.”

Consider all the tasks before you today. Consider how we might take great delight in this day because God is here and appoints us for these things.

May we delight!


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