Morning Pep Talk: 4 Ways to Guarantee a Great Day

One of my daughters simply dislikes Friday at school. It’s not any fun. It’s boring. She doesn’t like the classes that day. There’s nothing good happening. She’s too tired. She just knows it’s going to be a disaster of a day. She’s looking forward to nothing.

We sip tea and consider the Morning Pep Talk in this case. I tread carefully as one must when approaching anyone in a bad mood. If I’m too cheerful, she’ll retreat. So I ask:

So you woke up today and wondered, “What fun will I have today?” I think that’s the wrong question, my sweet girl! First of all, you don’t have to worry about whether fun will come your way today because of this little gem of a Bible verse. In 1 Timothy 6:17, it says that God “richly provides all things for our enjoyment.” You don’t have to craft it or worry about it anymore. God will richly provide it. And He made you and knows you better than you know yourself, so He will design the thing you will enjoy, and you don’t even know yet that you will enjoy it. 

That’s the first thing. Got it? God will provide for your joy today. 

She’s sipping tea and crunching her toast. I see a flicker, the smallest little flicker of hope.

Secondly, don’t ask about your own fun anymore. I think you might ask, “Who can I bless today?” That takes your eyes off our yourself, and it puts you on a love mission all day long. Every day is a great day when you find people to love!

That’s the second thing. Got it? Bless others.

Now she’s thinking about her love mission. I can see her mind cataloguing people who need some encouragement. We actually write a few names down in the prayer journal we’re now keeping right by the toaster.

Thirdly, my little Beautiful Darling, it goes back to gratitude. Thank God for everything coming your way, and you will find some joy in hidden places. And write down those things! And lastly, you have not because you ask not. Write down what you need. Ask God for what you need! Do you not believe He will work on your behalf?

I test her on the Four Things:

  1. Believe God provides enjoyment today.
  2. Bless others instead of focusing on yourself
  3. Cultivate a grateful heart
  4. Ask God for what you need

And we’re off on the walk to school. It’s a new day, and it’s going to be a great one!




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