Morning Pep Talk

I’ve told you before that some of my neighbors say I have the spiritual gift of “pep.” Pep refers to high energy, liveliness, and high spirits. It’s true: God did give me pep. 

My youngest daughter still invites me to walk her down the hill to middle school each day, and she loves my “Morning Pep Talk.” She lists out all her worries and stresses, and I bring the pep. There’s also an Evening Pep Talk, but that’s for another time.

So lately, I’ve been proclaiming this (in case you need a Morning Pep Talk).

Listen, girl! Listen! Your day doesn’t control you; you control your day! God gave you dominion over your environment, so you’re the boss! You’ve got this! When stress or disappointment comes, it doesn’t boss you around. You take charge! You have dominion where God has sent you. Whatever happens today, you have choices to take charge and lead. No more of this anxiety or fear controlling you, child! No more! God has given you dominion! God has given you strength, peace, joy, and hope all day long! You’re worried about this thing? No more! You’ve got the Holy Spirit going before you, making a way. God gives you power to bring order and peace wherever you go. So you go into this new day with all the joy and peace and order there is to have! Oh, and laughter. I pray that you laugh a lot today. 

When I’m giving the Morning Pep Talk, my daughter says, “Mom! I love it, but you are talking too loud! All the neighbors can hear you.” She shushes me, but she is smiling.

So if you heard some woman walking down the street this morning, shouting about God giving us dominion over our environment, that was me giving the Morning Pep Talk. I’ll be there tomorrow at 7:30 AM with fresh pep for Friday.


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