Some Fun Book Updates and a Lesson Learned

Every so often, I know you like to read writing updates and gain some sneak peaks into the publishing and promotion of a book.

So far, I’ve had a few radio interviews that you can listen to on Guarded by Christ:

Chris Fabry Live! was a great 1 hour interview about how to think about God when your’e experiencing anxiety. Click here to listen. This was a live interview (I was on the phone in my hotel room; yes, I was in my pajamas), so I’m amazed that God has helped me stay calm and clear-thinking when I know I can’t have a “do over.”

I also enjoyed a one hour radio interview with Gary Chapman that was taped a week in advance. This was a fun interview but approached some complex questions about God’s guarding care especially when faced with anxiety or depression. Listen here. 

Finally, featured an article called, “What if God Doesn’t Heal My Anxiety or Depression.” 

Do you see a theme? I’m learning that when you write a book that talks even a little bit about mental health, this is what people want and need to talk about. Sometimes you simply can’t predict or control what your readers will care most about. I’m learning to trust God, respond to the direction He’s going, and stay in the fortress of His care when I’m surprised by interviews, articles, or comments.

When you write a book, people will talk about it.

And you can’t tell them what to talk about!


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