Noticing Everything

When I can’t get out of my own mind’s negative thinking, bad moods, or any form of internal disorder, I remember to cultivate wonder, curiosity, and gratitude. I go back to the beginning of Live with Flair, and I pierce the day and release pressure with a bit of whimsy or a moment of beauty.

So far, it’s this:

  • The cat’s little paw reaching under the bathroom door to get to me, as if she can’t be without me for even a moment. I look at those claws and the pink padding of her foot, and I’m so thankful for pets that cheer the heart.
  • The golden yellow and bright red of autumn leaves all lit up by the morning sun.
  • Listening to Moon River and the swell of the orchestra as I drive through scattered leaves and send them up into swirls of color.
  • Hearing a strange gentle pattering coming from the trees as I walk, only to find that the pine tree on the path dropped her needles as I walked by. It sounded like a whispering rainfall.
  • A student stopping by office hours with a paper in hand, highlighted to show all her vivid verbs.

And now, I’m off into the day, and it’s wonderful.


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