Finding Your “Patch of Sunshine”

Today my friend, Laurie (who originally challenged me to write my first blog post in March 2010–and my whole life changed after that one word of challenge), posted a picture of her cat lounging in the sun. She captioned, “He found his patch of sunshine today!” with the hashtag #livewithflair.

I smiled! I laughed! I remembered all those days I would come home from work and go find the cats lounging in some patch of sunshine.

I love to find my cats lounging in the sun when they “find their patch of sunshine.” It’s an ever-moving, ever-different patch because no day arrives the same and no sunshine stays in one spot for long. So it’s absolutely true that the cats “find their patch of sunshine.” Especially when the house is cold and dark, finding the patch of sunshine becomes of prime importance. It’s like the whole day, for a cat, depends up this search.

I’m inspired that we can find our patch of sunshine–that place of rest and warmth and joy–in any setting. It won’t be the same each day, and it won’t stay for long, but like cats, we search for sun, stretch out, and bask.


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