What’s Here More Than What’s Not Here

I’m learning to listen for whether or not people share healing stories of abundance and hope or deprivation stories of loss and despair. I’m wondering what it means to invite people to tell more healing stories of where they have found love and beauty and abundance. The more people I talk to and learn from, the more I’m finding that people who choose to find fulfillment in what they’ve been given–instead of living in what has been lost or is missing–makes all the difference.

But how do they do this? By what power? It seems like a grand mystery, a secret, a marvelous transcendence. I listen to what I’m reading in the Bible and those who “have learned the secret of being content in all circumstances” and I find great encouragement when I see people who tap into the power of God in their lives, no matter how disappointed they might feel in the quiet of their honest heart.

Sometime in the last decade, I moved from a deprivation mindset to an abundant one. There was just so much here each day. There was too much joy, wonder, and mystery to contain. Even this morning, my friend arrives, and I blurt out, “There’s so much here! I have hummingbirds and climbing roses. There’s so much here.”

There’s so much right here.




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