It Will Carry a Blessing

Perhaps the greatest mystery in life is the problem of pain and suffering. Today I read Hannah Whitall Smith’s reminder from scripture that all things serve God. This sentence astounded me with hope:

“While the Lord does not inaugurate the evil, when that evil is directed against His children, He makes it His ‘servant’ to carry them a blessing.”

All of our circumstances, under God’s divine order, serve His purposes and become servants carrying a blessing. 

Can I believe it? Will I? How marvelous life might become if I lived under the truth of Psalm 119:91 and how all things serve God! 

I think of the great hand of suffering that holds within its grasp a blessing, a gift. The best gift, I have found, is how pain draws us to our inner being, where Jesus dwells by the Holy Spirit. That blessing far exceeds anything I can hope for in this life. 


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