Each Day, A Pearl

I was told on an overwhelming day to think of each day as a pearl you’re adding to a necklace. Each day, you make just one pearl. 

I have no idea why this image brought me so much peace, but it did. I sat there and pictured my pearl. 

You think of your life as this long thread. You don’t know what anything will look like in the end; you just string pearls day by day. 

I heard this shortly upon returning home from the hospital with a new baby, and life suddenly seemed so overwhelming. I couldn’t think beyond the very next thing. Everything was a tangle. Everything inside of me felt like it was unraveling. 

But then someone mentioned the thread and the single pearl. 

You’re just living this one precious day, and tonight, you slip the pearl you made of the day onto your imaginary thread. 

And you keep doing it until one day, your whole bejeweled life testifies to the thousands of days you sat holding a thread and adding the pearl. 


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