When You’re All Grown Up: This

I loved today. I just loved every minute of it.

I loved walking to school and meeting the new Brindle Boxer puppy who is just learning how to take a walk. She’ll walk with us more and more. I’ll watch her grow all summer. Her name is Pearl.

I loved talking with my friend about bird nests and the way we searched the woods for signs of new nests as the children walked beside us.

I loved another friend sharing news of God’s great work in her heart.

I loved then meeting with professors over coffee as we read Psalm 18 and shared all we were learning about God and His faithfulness.

I loved my office hours as students came to talk about writing and their lives.

I loved teaching writing classes. Oh, I don’t have words for the joy of it.

I loved calling my sister for our afternoon chat and then another friend to check in.

I loved shopping for fruit to bless the children who will join us for after school snack.

I loved sneaking under the great arms of the Weeping Cherry to see if the Robin has begun nest construction. According to the data I’ve collected from years gone by, nest construction should begin May 4th (but I wanted to check anyway).

I love this day.

I want my daughters to remember the simple pleasures of a neighborhood: of walking with neighbors and puppies and children; of observing the seasons together and becoming naturalists; of sharing from the heart; of reading God’s word because our lives depend on it; of working in a profession; of connecting to family; of grocery shopping for fruit.

I want them to sneak inside a Weeping Cherry and look for nests.

When they are all grown up, I want this for them, too.


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