Back on Track

Today I learned some ways to get “back on track” after deviating from your healthy living plan (or really any kind of plan). 

I learn about gathering allies to encourage you and hold you accountable. I learn about climbing out of ruts by trying new things like activities or recipes. 

I learn about starting fresh right where you are and not looking at the past any more. 

I learn that you’re never as imprisoned as you believe you are when you’re trying to change some part of your life. So many creative options exist for the trying! 

Finally, I learn that most healthy or successful people have very similar habits. It’s worth asking friends whose lives you admire about their way of life.

For example, the Wise Big Sister drinks 10 times the amount of water I drink in a day. 

10 times. 10 times!!!!!!

I realize a small change I can make to get out of my rut: water! 


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