According to Your Word

This morning, I note how, in Psalm 119, the phrase “according to your word” appears eight times. I’ve heard it said that the Bible is God’s love letter to me, so what a perfect day–Valentine’s Day–to think about Psalm 119 and God’s great love.

I’m so encouraged that, promised here, so many things happen as I read God’s loving word. It reads that according to God’s word:

  • I’m put on the right path of purity (verse 9)
  • I’m revived in my soul (verse 25)
  • I’m strengthened in sorrow (verse 28)
  • I’m turned away from worthless things (verse 37)
  • I’m blessed (verse 65)
  • I’m preserved in suffering (verse 107)
  • I’m guided throughout my life (verse 133)
  • I’m given understanding (verse 169)

Such great promises! Such an invitation to read God’s word every day and apply it to my life! When I feel confused, weary, overcome, entangled, and forgotten, God’s word changes that reality as Jesus guides, comforts, and warns through His spirit within me.

The best decision of any day is the one to read the Bible and let God’s word change my soul as the Holy Spirit applies it to my life. But where does one begin? I suggest reading the Psalms and a gospel account like the book of John or Mark. Next, I would take a month and read Paul’s letter to the Colossians and Philippians. Each day, ask God to show you more about Him, more about you, and more about what it means to truly live. Be ready to read some incredible promises and receive great encouragement as you meet Jesus in those words.


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