A Separate Moment

During the hustle and bustle of these last days before Christmas, everything tends to feel rushed, overpacked, over-scheduled, and so chaotic. I find myself feeling overwhelmed as the days tick by.

Shopping! Cooking! Visiting! Events!

It’s wonderful but exhausting, and I say this as a high capacity extrovert.

So today I remember to separate myself from everything for a few minutes to relax. Even though nobody has the time for such extravagant wastes of time like relaxing with a book, a bath, a walk, a television show, or whatever it is that feels like wasting time, now is the precise time when we need such activities the most.

I repeat it to myself: Now is the time to waste some time. 

On these hectic days when you feel frazzled and out of time, go ahead and waste some time. I’ve learned after all these years that coming away from the frenzy and slowing down recharges you so much that you end up accomplishing more, with a better attitude of love and peace, because you’ve stopped to take a separate moment to waste some time.


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