When You’re Redirected

Today’s the day! Around 10:00 AM, this little blog will redirect to my beautiful new author website designed by the team at Moody Publishers.

What a great new verb! Redirect means to send something to a new place or in a new direction.

Have you ever in your life been redirected to an unexpected place for an unexpected purpose? Most of my life has felt like I was going in one direction, and God “reached down from on high and took hold of me” (Psalm 18:16) to redirect me. I was like a toddler constantly moving towards danger or like a mouse in a maze that went to every dead end.

But God redirects. And when He does, something extraordinary happens.

I never planned or even imagined that one day Live with Flair would become part of a larger journey of writing and speaking. I never imagined that tracking thousands of ordinary days would lead where it has.

After all this time, I’m ready for a redirect because I trust the One Who Leads Me.


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8 thoughts on “When You’re Redirected

  1. Heather
    So excited for you. This new website is beautiful. You were the first blog I ever read and subscribed to! You are such an encouragement to me and I believe we are kindred spirits. Thanks for your faithful writing and heart all these years. Would love to meet you in person someday. Xoxo

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