The Homework Hour

Believe it or not, my favorite time of the day is after dinner when everyone gathers again at the dinner table for “Homework Hour.”

We can enjoy a warm beverage or a treat as every family member finishes some kind of work for an hour. It’s a communal and collaborative hour. We talk about what we’re all working on–whether a family history project for the 5th grader, a Spanish lesson for the 8th grader, finances for Dad, and grading for Mom. I love the togetherness and the lively chatter about what we’re learning. Nobody is off hiding in a room or at a lonely desk somewhere; we’re all just here with one another and enjoying the blessing of schoolwork.

Last night we institute the “Homework Hour” once again as the new school year and semester begins. Even if there’s no homework assigned, we encourage some kind of work for the hour. Maybe we work ahead and anticipate what’s coming. Maybe we start a new art or writing project.

Nobody asks to watch television or use technology during this hour. Why would we? It’s too much fun being together like this as the hot and humid days of summer transform into the crisp and cozy evenings of autumn.

I can hardly wait for Homework Hour.


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