Walk Anyway: The 2015-2016 Walk to School Campaign

We’re back in business: the Walk-to-School campaign is alive and well. Why? How can this be since so many of our neighborhood children are now in college, high school, or middle school? Well, I still have an eager 5th grader, and we’re gathering more families to walk the one mile to our elementary school.

What’s so great about this year is that we are walking even if we don’t have children to walk to school! I’m serious! We’ve invited a homeschooling family, families with toddlers, and families who have children in other schools. It doesn’t matter; we’re walking anyway.

Are you within a 30 minute walk to school? If so, you can gather the neighbors, too!

If you haven’t started a walk-to-school campaign in your own neighborhood, I recommend it whole-heartedly. It’s changed our lives. We’ve deepened friendships, gained good health, and enjoyed connecting with children on the mile walk to school. It’s an investment. It’s a sacrifice of time. But walk anyway.

Fill your thermos with coffee. Meet some new moms and dads. Meet the children in your neighborhood and walk. If you can, I pray you do. Encourage the children. One day, in forty years, they’ll tell their own children about the time they grew up in a neighborhood where the families walked them to school because it was that important.


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