So Quickly!

So many things happen so quickly around here: one daughter’s baptism; another’s beginning her Red Cross Babysitting Course. Orthodontist appointments come and go; more cookies are made in this kitchen; more music rises up from various rooms of the house. We have summer sleepovers. One goes off on a bike ride; older neighborhood boys stop in to chat or practice piano in my living room.

We meet new neighbors on both sides and bring treats and promises of dinner and playdates. Their children seem so very young to me.

We begin organizing the Walk-to-School Campaign, year eight. I even invite neighbors who homeschool or have preschoolers. Just come walk with us. Bring your coffee. Bring your husbands. Just come walk the mile. September 1st, we’ll see you. 

Just come walk the mile. It will slow down these days that pass so quickly.

I tell the new neighbors that once, long ago, we all met in the parking lot for Neighborhood Fitness that became Monday Night Basement Fitness, but alas, we’ve all grown up.

But this new group of neighbors with babies and toddlers? They should come walk with us and learn how it’s done.


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