Absorb It Then Change It

Our mildew problem has taught me many things this week. I’m amazed at what sunlight can do, for example. Mildew has no chance to survive against the power of direct sunlight, so I have a back porch covered with all the dress up clothes and stuffed animals I’ve cleaned. They dry in the sun, and they smell fresh and clean.

(I think of staying in the light to purify my own fungal heart.)

But what amazes me the most is my new dehumidifier. We’re dumping bucket after bucket of water that it captures from the air. It pulls in the humid air, cools it down, and gathers up all the moisture in its reservoir. There’s just so much of it that I can hardly believe how damp my environment actually is.

All that moisture that I cannot see is there but unrealized. I see it only when absorbed and transformed by this little machine in my basement. All this water! I could water my plants for months with this flow.

(I think of what I must pull in from my circumstances to transform and finally realize. I think of pouring it all back out to feed those around me with hope and joy and peace that’s right here but not yet discerned.)


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