Watch Me, Don’t Watch Me

My youngest daughter wants me to ride in the boat while she attempts her stunts on the kneeboard. 

“Will you watch me, Mom?”
“Yes!” I say. “I cannot wait to watch you!”
“But don’t watch me,” she says carefully. “It’s too much pressure.” She pauses. “But can you watch me? I mean watch me, but don’t watch me.”
I nod in understanding. 
I will watch her with all my delight, celebration, encouragement, and cherishing. But I will not watch with pressure, criticism, judgment, or anger.
I will watch and not watch her. 
As she giggles and says “watch me but don’t watch me,” I know that’s how God sees us both. All anger and judgment were poured out and absorbed by Christ, so God–who carefully observes, carefully watches–sees us through the lens of cherishing and delighting. 
He watches me, but He doesn’t watch me. Children know exactly what this means. 

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