Because It’s a Good Story

This morning, I hear from several people who wished, at some point in their lives, they had a different story. At that time, they were angry at God, mad at the world, and filled with cynicism. They didn’t want the story their lives were telling. Who would willingly want death, suffering, persecution, or isolation? Who would want homesickness, dashed dreams, and the loss of comfort? Why would anyone accept unimaginable pain? Why?

They know something. They know that this story that God is writing ends magnificently. What if He sees what we don’t see and that He really, really is for us and not against us? What if it’s true about Him–that He brings good out of anything and everything and that He can conquer death and handle our sorrow? What if the comfort and peace of being in the presence of the Almighty God makes the stories our lives are telling beautiful because of the gateway they provide to Jesus?

Because of the gateway they provide to Jesus. . . 

The people I listened to know something most do not know:

They know it’s a good story, no matter what.

And they let God tell whatever story He wants with their lives, for His glory.


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