5 Wonderful Things

I’ve been writing down things I just love in this world to share with my daughters. It’s a fun conversation to talk about these things and why I love them. So far, I have the following on my list:

1. Pine cones and the smell of pine 
2. Eastern box turtles
3. The golden sun setting through a forest
4. Violets in a field
5. When a favorite song comes on the radio
Why do I love these things? What emotions do they conjure? What makes them wonderful? It’s a great conversation to get to know someone, but it’s also a great writing project to put into words what it feels like to come upon a blanket of violets in a meadow or a turtle half hidden by a log. And why love the smell of pine? And why love singing to a familiar song? 
I wonder who else loves these thing, and I wonder who loves entirely different things but for perhaps the same reason. If we talked about it, we’d surely stumble upon beauty, mystery, praise, and a longing for home. 

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