Too Heavy Inside

Twice in the last few days, a dark raincloud hovering overhead delivers drops of rain and then floats merrily on. The bright, hot sun still shines all around it. The mighty storm–a few yards in scope–cools down my steaming flip-flopped feet and the few trees around me. It’s such a valiant attempt at a rainstorm from a singular cloud.

I think about the little raincloud that offers what it can despite its size and surroundings. It doesn’t wait for other clouds or a more impactful storm. I know it’s not scientifically accurate, but still, I think that when what it’s carrying inside becomes too heavy, it must rain.

I think about what we hold inside that must come out–those drops of words or images that must fall because they sit too heavily inside our hearts. It never matters how small or influential our contribution (or in what circumstances); when it’s time, it’s time. God know when and on whom these words with fall, no matter how small or large in scope.


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