5 Minute Dinners

I once calculated that I’ll have made over 7,000 dinners by the time the first one leaves for college. 

Dinner is a big deal around here. The Italian Mama and I talked about how, with shopping, cooking, and then cleaning up, dinner is a three hour time commitment on most days. 

I want to move in to her house tonight. 
I’m tired. I’m allergic to everything outside right now. I want to do nothing. It’s 5:00, and I can’t move. 
When I’m this lethargic, I remember the simplicity of 5 minute dinners. 
Quesadillas, for example: Refried beans, chopped peppers and onions, some cheese, and some salsa go onto the tortilla that we fold over and brown in the pan. We make one for each of us. 
Top with sour cream or avocado. 
5 minutes in total. 
Or, if this isn’t exciting enough: omelets. Whip up 2 eggs with any veggies or cheese and cook in under 5 minutes. 
Not in the mood for eggs? English muffin pizzas ( or use pita) under the broiler. Sauce, cheese, pepperoni. Just a few minutes in the oven, and dinner is ready. 
On some days, we only have about 5 minutes of energy. We can create some great food in that time that everyone will love. I’ll save my Italian feast for tomorrow night!

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One thought on “5 Minute Dinners

  1. Next time you're looking for an easy meal, come on over. We keep Taste of India tikka masala paste in our pantry. just put the paste in a pot with water and Voila! No effort and 25 min later, it's done! We keep Naan in our freezer to go with it. (Naan takes 5 min in the oven). It's a family favorite and I only have to put my baby down long enough to put the chicken in the pot.

    Too lazy to thaw the chicken first? (Like me. 😉 No problem. Just simmer it about 10-15 min longer while you are going about your life. 😉

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