Roasting Radishes: They Are Just OK

I did something new! After all these years, my venture into something new for the day was. . . radishes.

I was so excited! What a flair moment to learn that folks actually do this; apparently, the roasting removes the bitter bite of them and transforms them into something special.

Actually, the roasting diminished them into a lesser version of a radish, only softer and stranger. Everything good about the radish–the crisp refreshing little punch in your mouth–gets lost in the roasting.

They weren’t terrible, but I didn’t love them. I did love the cauliflower, of course.

Living with flair means when you roast radishes, they might just turn out just OK. I used olive oil, salt, pepper, and oregano, and it’s a fine dish, just not a spectacular one. Living with flair means also accepting the beautiful bitter bite of the radish and not trying to change it into something it’s just not.


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