My Place Holder

Lately I’ve been remembering all the things I love about this new season. I watch the Robin build the nest out back, and I’ll check every day for eggs. Then I’ll check every day for hatching. Then flying. I’ll check the daffodils, the raspberry canes, and the evening sky for owls.

I’ll check by the tree swing for frogs and baby squirrels.

I return to these activities with the hope of reward–that something new has happened, that I’ll see some new glorious thing, that I’ll catch something in my hand.

I realize that’s why I return to writing every day. It’s a place holder for a reward that may or may not happen in that particular session. But I return every day to check my own mind and heart and to listen to what God teaches me. Sometimes it’s a grand moment, and sometimes it’s an empty nest or a blank sky.

But either way, I’m ready for whatever will happen in the place I’ve set apart for wonder.

I’ll come back and check tomorrow.


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