Moments with Strangers

When I’m out and about town, I realize how much I love interacting with complete strangers. It’s becoming a problem because I find myself wanting to know everything about them. Maybe I should have been a journalist or a talk show host.

Maybe my April blog will have something to do with discovering strangers every day.

For example, an older man in the elevator asked me to press his floor button for him, which I did, and he was so thankful. But as we ascended, I found myself overcome with curiosity. I wanted so badly to turn to him and ask, “Where are you going? What’s happening on the 5th floor? Who are you? WHO ARE YOU?!”

It happened again when I held the door for someone in a long and awkward way. She was in that uncertain space–too close to ignore but far enough away that I’d have to stand there, holding the door as she thanked me and rushed to grab the handle. I wanted to pause, look her right in the eyes, and ask my questions: “Where are you going? What’s happening on the other side of the door? Who are you? WHO ARE YOU?!”

With every stranger, I’m fascinated. So many stories to gather, so little time.

I think I might need to begin interviewing strangers. What if I just asked, “Who are you?” and went from there?


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