All the Childhood Projects

Our days of childhood school projects for the S.L.A.M fair (Science, Literature, Art, and Music) will end after just next year. As I get ready to deliver another project to school, I find myself reminiscing about days of glitter and hot glue.

What fun we’ve had! One year, we explored making butter from cream; another year, we astonished the chemistry teachers with how we distilled fragrance from flowers.

This year, in the bitter winter, my youngest daughter and her friend designed a Pioneer Log Cabin Interior, circa 1875, with all that salt dough I told you about. Each week, all winter long, they added new little elements and talked about what life might be like inside that little cabin.

I think about butter and flowers and salt dough and elementary school days gone by. Next year is the last elementary school year! I’m so glad to have blogged these days to slow them down, if possible, just the tiniest bit.

Meanwhile, I would love a little cabin with a fireplace, wouldn’t you?


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  1. I find I have to remind myself of that constantly; as someone who is frequently in a hurry. I think it's a safe bet to say that if He let me have my way, I'd just mess it up ;o) Great post!

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