A Notion for Notions

My daughters love our Thursday trip to Scrap and Skeins, a new business in our town. This little shop collects donated crafting items and sells them to benefit Strawberry Fields, Inc. which provides services to those in our community with developmental delays, mental illness, or intellectual disabilities. Residents of Strawberry Fields help run Scraps and Skeins, and we’ve enjoyed socializing and connecting with folks every week.

I love that each week, we find treasures from unwanted scraps. Yarn, thread, sewing patterns, fabric, ribbons–our basket overflows with items we then use for knitting and sewing projects throughout the week.

Everything costs very little.

Although I have no knitting or sewing skills, my children inherited them from my both my mother and mother-in-law. I’m in full support of their crafting skills; the comfort and peace these activities bring amazes me.

Settle a child in front of her sewing machine or with a crochet hook, and a special kind of healing begins. My daughter says it soothes everything.

This visit to Scraps and Skeins yields something so very precious. Someone has donated her vintage sewing box, untouched and still filled with all her notions.

I didn’t know that “notions” meant items used in sewing. I’m imagining I’m opening a box of whimsical ideas: notions. 

I am. 

 And we’re off to thread needles, turn on the sewing machine, and use these notions for our notions.


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3 thoughts on “A Notion for Notions

  1. I remember city department stores with notions departments. They were my favorite! Ribbons, silk flowers, hat pins, gloves, buttons, hat trims, lace for petticoats or dresses, small sewing notions like little cubes of glass headed pins, small blocks of scented bath salts – so many things mysterious things, some already rather vintage in those days. I still have a fondness for those things and small collections line the shelves of my sewing room.
    This box certainly looks like a well kept treasure. Enjoy!
    One note – the thread on old wooden spools may be rather fragile now and may not hold up to “notions” that will get a lot of use.

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