Unencumbered (or Forgetting All Your Bags)

Maybe I’m getting old. Today I arrive to campus to discover that I had left all my things–my purse, my bag of teaching supplies and handouts, my wallet–at home by the front door. I just hopped into my van and drove happily away.

I’m walking around with nothing but my phone in my pocket and my car keys.

Then I realize that I don’t need anything because everything I need is either in my mind, on my phone, or available through classroom technology.

I feel so unencumbered. So light. But I also feel strangely exposed without all my things. Then, I’m used to it. I’m walking free, airy and spry as a fairy.

The sensation had me wondering more and more about what I might do without, what I might cast off, what I might surrender.

Everything I need, I already have.


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One thought on “Unencumbered (or Forgetting All Your Bags)

  1. This is great, Heather. Once when I was driving to campus for my 8:00 a.m. class, I mysteriously ended up in the Target parking lot. Target! At 7:35 in the morning! I was so happy thinking about who-knows-what that I entirely forgot that I should be going to work. (Just so you know, I did make it to class on time…)
    Forgetting bags (or work altogether!) isn't always a bad thing!

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