Every 50 Minutes

My kinesiology students have been teaching me all about the dangers of a sedentary writer’s life. The research confirms that I must move more throughout my day, not just in my bursts of exercise in the early morning. The writing life that sits all day is not good for my body. It’s not good for my heart. 

They recently advised that I simply set a timer for 50 minutes. When it dings, I get up and move for 10 minutes. I jump around. I race downstairs for snacks or to fold laundry, and then I race around the room and up the stairs like a crazy woman. I dance. I take a brisk walk outside. Then, I sit down, reset the timer, and work for the next 50 minutes.

The 50 minute segments of the morning have brought a certain joyful order and rhythm to the work of sitting at a desk. When the timer dings, I think about the kind of fun I can have for 10 minutes.

My heart feels so much better.


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