And We Saw a Patch of Grass

The neighbors all come outside because it’s a stifling 40 degrees outside. We’re walking dogs. We’re jogging. We’re taking long walks.

One finishes shoveling the melting ice from her driveway as we walk by. “Look!” she points at the tiny patch of grass revealing itself on the edge of the driveway. We stand there encircled around it in awe. Grass!

Such joy in seeing what was lost to us for the last few months! It’s grass! Green!

I’m thankful for seasons. I remember when we all stood outside with our faces to the evening sky as the first snowflakes of winter fell on the driveway. Such wonder and joy at this snow that we had missed all year!

We’ll feel this way again. It’s the nature of life and the passage of seasons.

And it’s funny to consider as we stand there, marveling at the most ordinary grass in the world.


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